Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Homemade Yogurt with skimmed milk

1 gallon skim milk
1/3 cup live active bacterial cultured yogurt

Heat milk to almost boiling ~ 180F~.  Stirring.  Remove from heat and let cool to 110 F.  You may place pot in cold water to speed this up.
Whisk in the yogurt to your warm milk.  I added some vanilla.
Pour into glass containers with lids.
Put in oven with light on for approx. 12 hours, overnight.
Put in fridge until cool and enjoy.
May need some stirring.
Girls drizzled theirs with warmed up honey and sprinkled with homemade granola.  I added partially-thawed strawberries to mine.  Very nice!

Yogurt Cheese (Cream Cheese)
Drain above yogurt into a cheesecloth and let sit for approx. 12 hours, hanging/dripping into a bowl in your fridge.  (Maybe it's time to clean out the fridge to make some room?)  Some people have used nylons, but be warned that they really stretch!
You can add some fruit or herbs before you put in the cloth so fancy cheese!

I put 8 cups of homemade yogurt into this cheesecloth and let pour out then drip the excess moisture out.  I'd say about 18 hours.

 This is what I got~
Out of the 8 cups yogurt, I have these containers full.  Put 2 in the freezer to see what happens, put the glass jar in the fridge to try out with something.

This is not at all sweet, you need to sweeten with honey or jam, etc.  It is PLAIN yogurt!

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