Thursday, February 17, 2011

Typical January reading for me...

In my book corner this winter has been this book by Charles Long.

It is a good book.  Print is a little difficult to read, but a good read.  Unfortunately, I didn't learn a thing from this book.  We do every thing in this book.  Sigh... we are out-and-out conserver's.
I've been researching the Minimalist movement as well.  That I am not completely.  I store things for later use and have more than 3 pairs of shoes (although all 2nd hand, free).
There is always somewhere that anyone can cut back on spending.  I did love the example they gave of a newlywed college age couple.  They both worked regular jobs, saved and saved for 6 months, then spent 3 months travelling Europe.  That is great!  Famine then Feast!

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Kimberly said...

Something tells me I could learn a lot from you!