Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning!

I remember when I was little how rushed Sunday sometimes was. Mom & Dad thought it was the worst, becuz here you are trying to get ready to go to "church", and you're all ready to kill eachother. Tina would be in the bathroom for HOURS, re-doing her hair and make-up numerous times...I would have to go pee. Ahhhh sweet memories of waiting for her in the car.

Now, my girls come downstairs dressed for church, or almost. Ruth needs a shirt and tights. Kate is little miss shiny girl. Mei just woke up now, with the best bed-head and raspy voice ever. Gregg, my dear, is still sleeping soundly.

I've actually broken the rules of no work on Sunday and payed some bills on line. Now I should be in the shower to get ready for the day.

Today we are heading to Gregg's folks for the day. We will eat till our stomach's burst with fresh perioges, bacon and sausage. All smothered with cream sauce, and other cholestrol lovers. Then we will celebrate the fall birthdays that we couldn't before and pick names for Christmas. The 2 oldest will spend nite at Gramma and Grampa's, and we'll enjoy Grampa's famous pancakes in the morning. Feels like Christmas already! yum yum.

To all, I bid you adeux. have a great day.

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