Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 7 ~ The Chair LIFT!

Will this holiday posting ever end?
The last day at the mountain saw us packing up and ignoring the sign that said "no packed lunches" and we brought our big pot of soup along! We just all hung out in the main lodge.  There was a nice room for "daycare" that wasn't being used, so the wee ones got to have fun while the older ones went on the hill.
 Love the rosey cheeks!

 Gregg found a great way to "dance" the girls down the hill.  He is comfortable enough to hold hands and then just repeat "toe edge ~ heel edge" and they would just rotate down the hill.  It was great fun to watch!
 Someone is having fun!
 Mei put on Ruth's jacket with the lift ticket on it so she could have a lift ticket ride ~ they didn't mind as much as she did changing jackets ~ ha!
 Mei was very giggly and thought the lift was like a fair ride ~ has she ever been on a fair ride?  Then she said "I don't really want to look down" but she was.
 Glad they don't take after their Momma!  I was so happy they did this!
 Kate was doing great by the last day and boarding much more comfortably

 The look a likes
 We all got a kick out of this little one
One chair would spin, so it was fun to take turns on it
Leaving you with some bathroom stall reading

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