Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 3 ~ Coaldale AB

How to set this up?
Well, we married at age 18 and 19 and we chose to pay off my $12K student loan in a year.  We chose cheap wedding rings and our honeymoon was under $500 for a week in a cabin in a Provincial park.  We chose to gather up loose change within the year and do our winter holiday at my hubby's Uncle and Aunts in Coaldale AB. 
 Yes, I hardly knew them, just hubby said they were a blast and so... we went!  Yes, they are a blast.  I have come to love them dearly and they put up with us coming every year until our 2nd daughter was born.  Gregg's cousin introduced Gregg to snowboarding ~ the rest needs no explanation!  ha ha.
This year we finally got to go back and spend some more time in Coaldale.  This time both cousins are married, our 3 girls are much older and none of them seem older ~ hee hee.
Laz-y-boys for three laz-y-gals

 Cruisin' the main street of Coaldale.  They were all entertained by a singing toy ~ I don't know what Auntie and Ruth are grinning about?

 What could be better than an old fashioned Butcher Shop and an Art Gallery in the same building?  Oh, well, a giant gum ball machine of course!
 Typical Uncle...
 Then comes the bakery, attached to the grocery store Uncle used to have.
 My hubby and his Uncle ~ 2 big kids!

 Fill 'em up with sugar junk ~ hey, we're on "holiday"
 Now let's fill up on R's famous perogies and some Farmer's Sausage from the Butcher Shop

 No complaints here!  Honest to goodness, those were hands-down the BEST perogies we have ever had.  That is saying a LOT, seeing as we both come from families of famous perogy makers.
There were cottage cheese ones, mashed potato ones, and sauerkraut ones!  
Yes, we're happy he married into the crazy clan!

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