Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 6 ~ we skipped, we ran, we played Frisbee

Sorta skipped a beat.  We had more fun in Coaldale besides window shopping, eating perogies and watching movies.
We played Frisbee in the park
 We warmed up

 Girls stole the camera for a little while and took some photos too

 We pulled off some really coordinated moves ~ down right stylie even!

 We missed a few, but only because it was REALLY windy!

 Some showed off more than others

 Not me of course!
 Oh wait ~ Walk like an Egyptian !

 He's going love me for that one!  ha ha!
 Men played "grounders" with the girls... don't touch anything blue!  Or was it yellow?

Then we rested and talked about having pie and ice cream.  I think we settled for some more yummy "Steeped Tea"!

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Randi said...

Oh what fun! Let's do it again soon!!!