Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 5 ~ Castle Mountain Snowboarding!

Now a lot has changed since 1996 (?) when my hubby first went to Mt. Baker and learned to snowboard with his cousin.  I remember having to help him undress and he had to use his hands to lift his legs into the car!  Learning to snowboarding can be hard work ~ but our girls were up for the challenge!
All suited and strapped in
 Lesson 1: Learn to roll over and get up on the board! 
 See Father roll over.
 See Kate roll over.  See Ruth roll over.  Good girls.
 See Father on his heel edge.  See Father on his toe edge.
 See Ruth go!
 See Kate go!

 Funny thing about the beginners hill ~ there were some schools there with children learning to ski.  They were down right scary.  Most couldn't stop and just went flying... some ran into others.  We prayed a lot for safety!
 See Uncle resting.

 See Kate fall down kaboom!
 Don't worry, she's not hurt.  She is just looking at the clouds and waiting for her turn with Dad.

 She had the best faces and OH SO GIGGLY!

 They are getting better and better.  Learning to carve on their heel edge to their toe edge is difficult, but the safest way to go.
More about the chair lift in the next post, as this one is getting a long winded!

Oh, and for the THRIFT part.  Gregg had a pass , but if you are not using the Chair Lift, you don't need to pay.  We just kept walking up the side and then snowboarding down.  We bought Ruth a SnowPass for grade 4-5 students and she could have gone 3 times to Castle Mtn. for Free.  So we used her pass once for the chair lift.  To buy a lift ticket for the smallest chair lift was only $12.  So we spent $12 for 3 days of snowboarding for our girls.  Not too shabby!

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