Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Holiday Part 2 ~ Coaldale AB

On the way to Coaldale we stopped in Nanton at the "Candy Shoppe" and in Claresholm at The Frontier Western Shop.  I think we covered all 3 girls interest in these two stores!
I love how intently Mei is looking for a price on the gum ball machine.  If you know me, you will probably have heard about my gum ball machine I got for Christmas when I was little!  Good memories!
Mei decided it was a little too pricey!
Grab a basket
Our ranch managers bought the girls chocolate Loonies for Christmas... so this photo is for them!
This photo is for my MCI friends ~ remember going across the US/Canada border for Mounds and Almond Joy's????
Anyone else remember this Big League Chew gum?
Her chin passes the counter now!  She went with some lollipops because the other prices were really high.  We ended up with some little bags of different Dutch or Australia Licorice and my favorite candy were the Dutch Mints ~ hard sweet candy coating, soft mint inside and then a chocolate finish!
Anyone for a game of Menno Floor Hockey?????
Then it was off to Claresholm to satisfy our 14 year cowgirls desire to go to the Frontier Western Shop.  Or should I say 2 shops?  One had mainly clothes and furniture ~ beautiful!

Isn't this a fun sink?
Most of their products were from reclaimed wood and made in Mexico.

Yes, that is a happy girl!

Trying to explain things to her Dad, good thing we didn't carry a watch because we were in there a LONG time!
Some of us tired out a little quicker and just sat around.
Oh!  A pony saddle!  She can lift it too Daddy!

It was fun being able to take some time to stop at some of these shops on the way to Coaldale from Calgary.  Next time we'd like to spend time in Fort McLeod as well.
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