Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Homemade Deorderant

Yes, the ole' dilemma of what to use on your underarms so you don't stick up the place.  I have always tried to buy deorderant without the aluminum.  We bought some recently that started to bleach out our shirts...so what is it doing to my glands?  Yikes.  Found this recipe and also a few variations.

Homemade Deodorant
(Makes one small canning jar - just over  1/2 cup)

1/4 C. baking soda
1/4 C. cornstarch or arrowroot
5 - 6 T. coconut oil
Tea Tree Oil (optional)

Combine the baking soda and cornstarch, then work in the coconut oil. I used my mixer to incorporate the two until well combined. 

If desired, add tea tree oil (anywhere from 5 - 20 drops) which has natural antibacterial qualities. I tried adding some lavender essential oil, but the coconut oil seemed to overpower the scent a bit. Just think of this deodorant as having a tropical scent and leave it at that. 

You can adjust the amount of coconut oil if necessary. I liked mine a bit dryer, but if you want, increase the oil up to 8 T. Also, if your room is warm, the oil might liquify at around 76 degrees, so move it to the refrigerator if necessary or a cooler room. I popped mine in the fridge so that it would firm up a bit after using the mixer.

To use: Rub a small amount on underarms.   Pour into an used store-bought deorderant container and use that way.

~ Some use baking soda like a powder, plain on a cotton ball.
~ Some use the baking soda & cornstarch or Arrowroot together.
~ Some use a coco butter or shea butter instead.
~ One woman remarked that she used an alcohol spray with a little essential oil

The biggest problem seems to be if you are one of the few that react to baking soda.  After 2 weeks, the underarms get really dry and red.  Stop using of course.  Try the Arrowroot, etc.

I am going to try this out!

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karen said...

I JUST talked to someone about this the other day! Here is a link to another recipe. You try yours I'll try mine then lets compare notes.