Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 1st tooth is out!

My baby Mei has lost her 1st tooth...she's nearly 8 years old and is very excited.  It was finally starting to be wiggly, so she was working on it.  We had already tucked them into bed when Ruth came downstairs with Mei saying "Mei's tooth is coming out and it's bleeding!"  So Mei showed it to Daddy (he thought it had away's to go yet) and he said "well, pull it out".  So we put the plug in the sink and she bent over and yanked and yanked.  Out it came!  What a little trooper!  Our 1st and 3rd girls are making pulling teeth fun!  The 2nd let it hang there until it fell out!

She pulled it out with us all watching!

Can you see how happy she is?

She's joined the "toothless wonder" club!

Had to run over to Nanas to show off!

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renita said...

Her smile showing off the black window is priceless! So cute!