Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Chapter Completed

Numerous things on the "to do" list when you move a few provinces.  One of the last things on our list was to close all bank accounts in Manitoba.  As of today, I have received the last cheque from the credit union...paying out our surplus shares.  Not much money wise, but a lot mind wise.  So nice to have some things tidied up.  I don't like loose ends.  If something ever happened to one of us, I wouldn't want extra work for the other to figure these things out.

Last thing: our will is still with a Manitoba lawyer although we have a copy here.  Then everything should be officially moved over to BC.  Wow that took awhile, but what are you to do when you don't know what you're doing.  Every so often I remind a few people where it is and what our wishes are.  There's also nothing wrong with changing a will every so often if need be.  Hum...maybe we should be updating ours a little again....Last time it only cost about $50 to amend something, although I know you can do will kits as well, and they seem to hold up in court pretty good.

Just seeing a few different situations happen lately where one spouse has died...always makes me think "I've got to have everything in order."  One had everything in joint names and "in order", even had a list of magazine subscriptions, etc and it took 2 weeks to finalize all the paperwork.  The other has been months, and it's still not finished up and causing grief for the loved ones.  So, I'm trying to tidy things up a bit again.  It is mostly my job to do the finances of paying bills, etc.  If I were to be hospitalized, etc for awhile, I'm happy I have a "cheat sheet" for my hubby so he knows how to pay the bills on line, etc.  It's good to run through those things every so often.
 Some don't see the issue, I just have seen it happen personally two times...once with my Dad, then with my sister.  It makes the ones left behind have to deal with a little more and have some unexpected things happen.  There's enough to think about when you're grieving besides searching for paperwork and trying to wade through everything.  Just my 2 cents worth, as this is my blog, I'm allowed to say what I feel...hee hee.

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