Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Vacation Fun in BC

Well, every year our little family makes a list of "what we want to do this summer" and try our best to accomplish as many things as we can.

This year is no different.  We have no scheduled weddings, reunions, etc and will stay near home to experience some things around our local area.  This is where I am asking for help ~ if you are local and know of some things, please pass them along!

Our list so far:

~ rodeo
~ Fall fair
~ camping
~ girls go to Lake of the Trees Bible Camp
~ hiking Dead Man Falls
~ swim
~ paddle boats
~ swim the river (so fun with the little current and being able to see salmon!)
~ discover Mahood Lake area
~ ocean?  should we really put this on here again?  well, we'll see!
~ go for ice cream

My plan is to get some plans!  ha ha.  Then I can try to redeem Air Miles points and Save On More points for things like Shell gas certificates, maybe even a motel room stay, etc.  Last year I believe we did our Waterton family reunion on under $300 this way.  I was hoping this year we would be in a better financial situation, but it actually almost looks worse...not very encouraging at the moment.  BUT we are determined to have some good ole' family fun this summer.  At least we are all together!

If you have any ideas...pass them along!

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Ashley said...

We're going to explore our local area this summer too! We would also like to make it to Barkerville.
We really enjoyed the Wildlife park in Kamloops and you could make it a day trip although I can't remember how expensive the admission was.

If you do decide to head to the coast, you can redeem your Air MIles for the Aquarium as well as Science World and I am sure other choices as well.

Are you going to the Marsh tour in Williams Lake next week?