Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Gardening...and a little surprise too!

I can't believe I didn't write down when I planted my garden last year.  I know it was late, as we had to dig up all the sod, put up logs for the box and added 35 loads of dirt.  It was mid June I believe.  Well, this year, we have had lots of moisture and I have only watered just a few things as I planted them.  Most things were planted May 23/29 and June 1st  and now the cabbage, etc was just transplanted.  It is still very cold here at night.
This is what my garden looked like on June 9, 2011.

Raspberries (in a round about way, they are from Wendy K!)

Some plants from the neighbor last year and the raspberries from Manitoba.  Hoping they produce berries this year!  Sure do miss those Manitoba raspberries!

The garden that is much too small.

Some of the strawberries I transplanted from Manitoba are doing well.  So is the peppermint.  If anyone wants a peppermint plant, just ask!  

The peas are up!

Two rhubarb plants from a neighbor when she moved away last year.  Learning new recipes for rhubarb.  Tonight I made a drink with just plain rhubarb juice, a frozen concentrate berry punch and gingerale.

Freshly mowed down weeds around an old hand pump.  Much nicer now.

Love seeing the little seed pod hanging on.  This is zuchini, I'll see if it lives.

Saskatoon bush

More straw"babies" as Mei calls them.

Now for the little suprise ~ my little garden toad!  He's so he is posing next to the beets.
Isn't he adorable?

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karen said...

I've been enjoying rhubarb recipes from Finding Joy in my Kitchen this year.