Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What are these chickens???

Ok, so we've got a mixed bantam breed of chicks...they are adorable and funny.  We don't know what they all are.  We have been waiting for feathers to come in, etc and will be doing some research.  For now, how about some fun and some guesses on what these are?

First up ~ An adorable little "Fluff Ball" who acts more like a friendly puppy.  She follows people around, will perch on your arm uninvited and is generally the most adorable and friendly in the pack.

Fuzzy feet, black skin, black feathers.

White tips by her behind.

Hubby's favorite little one.

I was videoing her and she popped up on my arm and
started to preen herself.

Black line on her beak.  Some greyish feathers as well.


AND.... the chicken is a ....
Black Cochin Bantam!

Black Cochin Chicks
The Black Cochin is a single comb, feather legged variety that originated in China. Very cold hardy & friendly.

Egg color -Good producer of brown tinted eggs.
Weight: Female-8.5 lbs Male-11 lbs 

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