Monday, June 20, 2011

Root Cellar ~ Spring Carrots!

Oh the joys of having a Root Cellar!  I thought we were out of carrots, but as I was getting some potatoes and apples from "China" (girls name for the Root Cellar) I came across another 5 gallon pail of dirt with some sprouts sticking out!  Oh my!  Carrots!  They have sprouted, but they are firm and oh so yummy!
June 18th Carrots

After peeling

Large, heavy door, leads to steps down and 2 more doors into the cellar.

I have said to my hubby "When we have our own place, first thing we do is get a garden going, then dig a root cellar."  He agrees!  The root cellar we have access to right now is dug into the ground, cemented, plastered, and has a vent to the outside.  It has a dirt floor. The walls are banked up with dirt and there is a wooden roof over it.  Last year we plugged in a heat lamp down there on the really cold nights.  We have enjoyed fresh tasting veggies all year long and also keep our canned goods there.
Side view, dirt banked up, wood shingled roof.

THRIFTY NOTE:  Saving and preserving what you have is the best way to save money.

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