Saturday, June 18, 2011

A spontaneous trip to town

... makes for some spontaneous fun times!
Isn't it funny how they want it to look like plants grow, and then you
see that they are just plastic???

Waiting for some KFC

They like to blow the paper off the straws...but then, who doesn't?

Singing our grace


Relocating a little bug.


 Next we went to an Open House for weaving, spinning, etc.  It was very interesting, as we just finished weaving on a loom 2 large rugs with denim jeans.  See other posts under labels for thrift or sewing I believe.  Two of my neighbors are involved with this and do wonderful work.  Met 2 other families there that I know.  One daughter got to go for a spontaneous play time for a few hours and I think I may have found some sewing patterns to borrow to make my older girls a Little House on the Prairie dress!
Spinning.  The next thing our neighbor insists she must teach us to do!

Rug made with plastic bags, socks, etc.  You can use almost anything!

Rug made with pieces of wool.

Rug made from old corduroy jeans.

A rug made out of Flax Fibres.  Super durable.

Cute Hat.  I am going to teach myself to crochet this fall/winter.

Bobbin Lace

A felted chick

Mei did NOT win the gift basket.  Another homeschooled boy did.  We offered to take the Alpaca teddy to him.  Mei was super sad, but trying to be tough about it.  Her little face struggling was so good to see (in that she was working through disappointment) but also soooo heartbreaking.

She finally realized Mommy and big sister bought her one when she saw big sis give Mom the change.
"Coconut" finds a new home!
Makes me think of how God gives us gifts just to see that happy face!

Remember how satisfying it was to blow a bubble and pop it?
I highly recommend trying it again!

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Christy said...

Way to go, Mei. It is difficult when we are disappointed but I'm proud of you girl for working through it and offering to even take it to the boy who won. That shows maturity and grace and a Godly heart. I'm glad you were able to get Coconut much sweeter to receive that gift when you were working through your disappointment with that Godly attitude before. I'm sure it felt good to be able to give her that Jo!