Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Grocery Shop

Well, we had a pizza girls party coming up and I needed to do some shopping for it.  I waited until a 10% off day at Safeway in our local town.
I had been paid $60 for doing some housecleaning, so off I went shopping.  I try to wait until I earn some money to do any shopping...I had also sold 2 pies, so these groceries were paid for!
This is what I got.

There was one more 24 pack of gingerale.  One sale item didn't show up, but I will swallow the $2 difference.  I had coupons, plus found sausage 50% off and 30% off.  This will be a special treat.  Butter was regular price at $4.39 and I had to buy a few sweets for daughter #1's grade 8 graduation party. 
 They were in the clearance pile.
All this ~ $84.40.
Now, my folks went to a larger center 2.5 hours away for a specialist appt and did some shopping.
See that 500 g Pepperoni stick for $6.29?  My parents got a 3 kg one for $8.99.  That is 6 times the size and only $3 more????  Can anyone feel my frustration?  They looked everywhere for fruit, but didn't find much...they were told everything is 3 weeks behind.  I love to shop local, but the prices sometimes make it impossible. All the money I spend is essentially borrowed money, so these things hurt.  
I have bought POP in a case 2 times in 4 years.  Each time for a special reason.
The laundry soap showed up so I bought $15 worth which will last me over a year....that felt great.
So there's some Canadian prices in BC.

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Anonymous said...

hey Jo, I know this isn't always the case, but right now in Manitoba whipping cream is cheaper than butter. So we have been turning whipping cream into butter. 1L of whipping cream makes 1lb of butter plus about 2 cups of buttermilk. If you're paying $4.39 for butter, hopefully cream is cheaper.