Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kate goes a ridin' the range

We have a beautiful daughter who loves horses...ranch life...and is a bit of an animal whisperer.  She has a way to ease into them and make them love her.
"Little Joe"

Her pet...he has bad feet and a great sense of humor

Sometimes he gets to go along as the pack horse

"Poncho" a liver chestnut quarter horse
Poncho ~ never liked kids ~ hummmm

Our teenage cowgirl in her element
Hauling the pack horse Little Joe

He was after a alfalfa cube
 She says he is the most beautiful horse in the whole wide world and no one can take him, except her.

Airing out the saddle blankets and giving the horses a break

 Her half day ride to take out some salt blocks turned into a bit of a longer day.  Found a calf limping, so had to get the cow to cooperate.  Then Kate hauled Little Joe back for Papa.  A happy day.
Another view from the lens

Old corral that came in handy to get in an injured calf

Finally got the Mama to co operate
Time for a lunch break
Self explanatory
 She says she was seeing if the color was working on her camera.
Tea Time with Papa

Why you should always have a jack knife handy ~
make your own tooth pick~

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