Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cowboy Wedding

We attended a lovely, relaxed, cowboy/cowgirl style wedding on the weekend.  It was small, friendly and fun.  I don't know how many pics I should post as I forgot to ask them for permission...they were a little busy!  Some of these were taken by our girls, as these are their little friends too!

Great cake!

"Will you be my cowgirl?"

Father of the Groom...with his youngest

Couldn't resist this cowboy's hat

Meeting some new partners-in-crime

Showing off the "goods"

A Rustic Rooster alarm clock "Rusty" and his mate "Roxie"
Starting off their flock?  At least they won't starve at breakfast time...


We finally told them that the bottles were in fact "grape juice"...

Our girls sang their own version of a camp song
"A young cowboy went riding the range one day"
Yes, all my pictures uploaded in a weird order, and I don't have the energy to fix it right now it's back to the wedding ceremony, not the reception!

I had to catch the older sister taking pictures of her younger siblings

Sister-in-laws and good friends

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Rosaleen said...

Thank you Jo for all the great photo's!