Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saskatoons in BC ~ We found some!

Ahhhh  oh joy, oh bliss, oh happiness ~ I have found some "Manitoba" Saskatoons ~ free for the picking and enjoying!
Since moving to BC we have not had "luck" finding any.  Our area is just a little colder than other areas, so it doesn't have the bounty that closer to 100 Mile House has.  A new home educator Mom friend offered her trees up for the picking and we enjoyed!  This has sure helped our grocery budget to have these in the freezer for muffins, smoothies, etc and for some fresh eating.  Loaded with good nutrition for growing bodies.
An apron works great to tie your pail onto

My beautiful maiden hard at work

Bringin' in the pro!

Sitting down on the job

God's Bounty

Saskatoon bush

2 hours of picking ~ so yummy!
Blueberries on the top left were store bought...just comparing
Blueberries Sale price $2/lb
Saskatoons $Free Cost about 10 minutes of driving time
Gregg just weighed our saskatoons that we put in the freezer ~ over 30 lbs.  Not counting the fresh eating, the crisp, the jam, the canned saskatoons or the smoothies!  God is good!  It's so wonderful to have finally found some trees.  So that's over a $100 in store value, and boy, did they taste good this year.  So big and juicy!
Tired out?  One was a super good deal ~ found her for 50% off~

50% off because of this flaw

She decided that night "I'll pulling out my 2nd tooth Mom!"
Of course, this always happens at bedtime, but oh well...
Great job kiddo!
Inspecting the little hole

2nd tooth gone!  She'll be 8 in September!

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