Monday, August 29, 2011

A little Show n and whole lotta Shine

We had a fun surprise when we realized there was a Show'n'Shine going on by our motel! We saw some "cool, cute, neat, wow" cars and trucks. Men and Ruth decided to stay and look while the rest went for a quick grocery shop.  The above collage is of a truck and trailer that we all loved.  So adorable and RED!

I am experimenting with Picasa to edit some of my photos, but I do not have my head wrapped around it at all.  Maybe this will wait until later in September when I have more time!
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Dad didn't find his favorite, but maybe another time!

It's's old...she likes it.
She also liked the old BROWN Ford pick ups.

She likes the Mustangs with big motors!

Those are big 1 scoopers!  Had to splurge as it was over 30C

What's not to love about this photo?  hee hee

I believe there were twin girls with these adorable backpacks.
The tail was basically a handle for the parent!  SMART!

Ruth has this thing about being "scared of Indian's"...
too many old movies?  ha ha

That's one low rider!  A hearse...super fancy

Can you see me driving this into town to sell eggs?
Lincoln ~ Jason, need we say more?

A nice convertible for the family to drive to town delivering eggs...

No day is complete without our girls finding animal friends to exclaim
"awwww soooo cute!"  Mei loves Pugs right now, and this
little girl was 4 months old.

Jason explanation needed.
The General Lee

Awww the rumble seat!
We had so much fun on our 2 day, 1 night outing with my folks that we only feel like "we need to do this more"  A change is as good as a rest and a rest is even better!

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Anonymous said...

Jason liked the pictures. Going with your family is so fun. We miss you guys and Annalynne asks about you often. Perhaps next summer? We may be going to Alberta for a family camping trip.