Thursday, August 04, 2011

Dead Man Falls BC

Our friend "Rancher Man" has been telling us about this great little hike to a waterfall nearby.  We finally got things together to go and it was worth it!

Beautiful scenery along the way and some surprises too.
Hammer Lake, en route to the falls

Hammer Lake...there is a cute little campground here

Some campground at Hammer Lake

Hammer Lake signage

Can you see the orange spray paint "FALLS" down the tree?  No wonder you can miss it!

I love Gregg's wilderness backpack!

The top of the falls

I agree!

Rancher Man and Wilderness Man looking on top of the falls

Papa standing in the water, taking pics on top of the falls.
Yes, Nana was not impressed.

Holding hands, obeying the signs

Did they die here, or were their ashes spread here?

Beautiful scenery

Going down towards the falls

Baby Mountain Goat was the only girl to try

Rancher Man helping.  Little girl had some rope burns, but nothing serious.

Enjoying the view

Down below.  By the river, heading towards the falls.

The mist is making everything slippery

Dripping with happiness, behind the falls.
The camera is not waterproof, so that's all I got.  Lots of pictures in our minds though and now we can say we stood behind a 250-300 foot waterfall?  It was very loud and very majestic and we were sore the next day.  Thanks Rancher Man.
The falls at the bottom

A little snack before climbing back up the rope

Yes, we went behind that falls!

View of Vidette Lake along the way

Vidette Lake Gold Mine Resort - the Center of the Universe

I'll do another post on the rest of the day.  It was a good one!

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Mike T. said...

Wow! That is awesome! I have to come and check that place out. Way too cool!