Monday, August 29, 2011

A quick holiday

 We were privileged to enjoy a relaxed Cariboo country wedding this weekend.  We took the opportunity to take a day off with my folks, carpool to the wedding, spend a night in a Motel and hang out.
For the thrifty part, we couldn't use our Airmiles for a Best Western, as we didn't have 3 weeks notice.  So we sold some things (pies and clothes and books,etc) and made enough money for one night at the Travelodge.  We had heard good things about the Motel online from reviews.
We packed some food and headed out Saturday morning.
Waking up at 5:30am has it's advantages!  View from our house.

Welcome to the Travelodge QuesnelThey just recoated the pavement, so it was very clean and black!  This Motel was CLEAN!

You can dress them up, but you can't take them out!

We had top floor, rooms right next to eachother.

Ruth swimming

Mei learned to dive and basically swim at this pool.


Goggles work great, they also make us laugh at
their adorable little fishy faces

Had to have some junk food from Safeway (very close by) and
watch some "Mantracker"

Craving that spicy hot cheese sauce with nachos...I'll post another
entry about what happened afterwards :)

Tired little girls ~ they had so much fun at the wedding,
then the pool, then watching TV ~ yes ~ TV!
Free Continental breakfast in the lobby area...bagels, toast, boiled eggs, cereal, juices, teas, yogurt, fruit.  YUM!  We were all thrilled with the dispensers and the bagel slicer too.  Doesn't take much to thrill us.

Never fear when Raj is here!
He brought out more Fruit Loops!
They gave the girls little smiley tops.

Seema and Raj were super friendly, not at all creepy friendly, just the sort that made you want to go back again.  Mei was singing a little song to herself as we were leaving ... all I heard was something about "UNhappy Mei is leaving the motel..."  Later at the park I heard her asking "who wants to go back to the Motel?"  I don't know if she remembers ever going to a motel with a pool.  We went to one near Barkerville and had mini cereal boxes which she remembered, but there was no pool.
Happy Mei ~ we hadn't left yet


Yummy yogurts
Very suitable shirt


View from the other window

View from our window
We would for sure go and stay here again.  It is easy to find, and although it is off the Hwy 97, the noise wasn't bad.  We turned on the fan/air conditioner in the room and slept until 8:34am when Ruth said "we're going to miss breakfast!"  

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had the perfect Wolfe weekend. Cheap hotel, junk food, swimming, free breakfast (with Froot Loops!!) and some nice cars too! Wish we could have shared the experience with you, but this is good too.