Monday, August 22, 2011

A "Tina's Day" Challenge

Hey, are you up for it?  If you knew Tina ~  I do hereby CHALLENGE you to ~
1.  Eat Corn nuts
2. Enjoy some Nibs
3. Watch "Princess Bride", "Rain Man" or "The God's Must be Crazy", "Abbott & Costello" or "3 Stooges", etc.
4. Sing a weird song REALLY loud, and if off-key ~ all the better!  Remember to do a funky dance or at least wave your arms around like a crazy person.
5. Stop and pick a bouquet of wild flowers.  Or at least smell some.
6. Sketch some trees.
7. Ride a horse!
8. Go .... shopping!  Spend every last dime in your purse.  If you can't spend it...give it to someone or take someone out for ice cream.
9.  Push someone in a shopping cart.
10.  Giggle so hard that someone falls out of bed.

You get the drift.  If you want, let me know what you did.
Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.  I'll post again soon.
Hugs and giggles and with my hair blowing in the breeze~


Angie Kroeker said...

I didn't know your sister and after reading this post I really wish I had. I think I might just try to do some of these things in honor of you and your sister whom I never had the chance to meet. Bless you and your family as you cellebrate her life. Love you all.

Allison said...

I will participate in as many as I can :-) Sure remember the giggle till someone falls out of bed!!! And the silly songs...also remember hiding from the boys at church by climbing into the huge woodpile and talking for hours. I also seem to recall climbing out of the basement at the farm to watch the rodeo practice. So many great memories with my wonderful friend. Hope you all have a fun day filled with good memories. Give my love and a big hug to your mom and dad! Allison