Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Americauna Green Egg ! 17 weeks old

One day shy of 17 weeks and we have our first tiny little adorable green egg!  High probability that it is from the Americauna hen.  Super cute isn't it?

"Debbi" ~ not sure what kind she is?
I will post an up to date photo of the Americauna today.
For now, this will do.

Regular, pullet, and oldie weirdo egg
The super small ones usually happen near the end of a
hen's laying life cycle.

Ruth and Mei's cutie breakfast...everything was tiny sizes

The eggs being fried...Look at the tiny spot of yolk in the weirdo egg :)

All fried up to their likings
Another picture of their tiny meal...you can see the cute plates.

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