Friday, August 19, 2011

Pizza Party

I've been making efforts to get the older tween/teenage girls that are home educated together.  We planned a little pizza party and it turned into a very small party due to other's life circumstances.  Fun was still had!
Choosing their own pizza toppings 
Soda pop and Pizza...and chips!  A real treat!
 Then we headed out in the sunshine for a little bike ride up the road to a friends place.  She kindly let us use her paddle boat and her neighbor's also let us use one.  They are the best...the only fuel they need is giggles....and we had those!
One boat needed some branches removed, thanks K!

And they are off

Bringing Mom's dog back...she got a little tired of swimming along

Mei loves her googles

opps, her "Crocs" fell off...they make her "floatie"

Returning with a little surprise for me

"SOOOOO CUTE!" tadpoles
As cute as they were, they needed returned to their natural habitat
We had a lot of fun that day!  Thanks girls!  We biked over a pizza for our neighbor as a little thank you for the lending of the boats.  These things make my heart glad. It's fun to do little things for others and give and take.  I think she enjoyed the sounds of the girls on the pond and I had a wonderful afternoon sitting on her deck with her friends from next door.  I  pray that I am so "cool" when I'm 80.

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