Saturday, March 05, 2011

Very quick trip to Whiterock BC

We had the opportunity (business related) to make an extremely quick weekend trip to the Lower Mainland BC area.  Decided to stay with relatives in Aldergrove on 0 Avenue.  That meant we were very close to Whiterock BC and decided to make a quick trip there to see the "ocean" and hopefully pick up some shells and dip the girls toes in the sand'n'sea.  Turned out to be very cold weather (for there) but an extremely clear sky.

-32C when we left home.  Turned towards Clinton on Hwy 97 and it was -22C.  By the time we got to the lower mainland it was -6C and we were feeling WARM!

This truck was with us most of the way, even after filling up with gas, etc.  Funny things you notice when on the road!

0 Avenue !  

Passed by where my brother and his family used to live.  Gregg's Aunt & Uncle now live temporarily just 1 minute down from there.

0 Avenue, lots of US and Canada flags along the way.

Girls first time to an ocean of any size, shape, or sort.  Ripply sand, tide was out, lots of shells.

Me and my Mei, she was very happy to have a toque full of shells.

Terribly cold wind, they said they were breaking records for low temps.  We didn't mind too much, but didn't venture out onto the pier.  Next time~

They took off their winter boots for awhile to run around in the ripply sand!

Cold little tootsies, but happy little children!

My love and I 

Girls spotted this immediately and wondered HOW the Beatles could be performing!  ha ha

We thought some movie star could buy this and stroll the streets of Whiterock in a billowing dress...Kate Hudson perhaps?

First time for these type of parking meters.  It is only $1/hour off season.  Guess that is good?

First time on the sand "Look it's all bumpy and squiggly like a snake!"

We will blame this wonderful local for what happened in our next post...HINT...something about the border!

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Kimberly said...

I love all the pictures with the squiggly sand in the background. I grew up near there and have many happy memories on those beaches.