Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Farewell Dinner for Little Horse Lodge

When we first moved to BC, I started to work at Little Horse Lodge within 2 days of arriving.  My Mom was working there, but didn't want to work full time...so we split it up and were both happy.  Fast forward a few years and they have now leased out the business to another couple and the previous owners are moving on.  They were a family from Germany with wonderful German cooking skills and I will forever miss the Spaetzle and Rouladen.  Here are a few photos of the February farewell evening.

Elli and her friends sang some golden oldies

A typical view of Katie in the kitchen

Caught ya Dieter!

 Mom, Elli, myself
Myself, Mom and Katie

Around Valentines Day Elli had a little going away party for the previous worker's children.  They ate lots and lots of Spaetzle (noodle) and had ice cream!

This little ones Mom never lets me take her ....  isn't she adorable?


Kimberly said...

Some familiar faces in those photos! Must be hard to say goodbye!

Kimberly said...

p.s. Love the new blog template. =)

Jo said...

I was trying to find a way to post pictures in a row horizontally...this is what I got. I like red this week! ha ha.