Monday, March 07, 2011

Fun with Aunt and Uncle!

It was great fun, and very convenient, that hubby's Aunt and Uncle have relocated temporarily to a place on 0 Avenue so we could stay and play!
Licking beaters is always a fun job

Baked apple for desert

Ole' Hoagy...not after the sandwich, but the musician.

Lots of good Auntie is making the triffle while we sit and visit!

Smiley triffle

Woke up to the snow we brought with us.  Rare type weather for them, very pretty!  This is the neighbor's house, who the Aunt and Uncle are renting their place from.  There were horses too, so the girls got to see them and feel more at home.

Uncle making popcorn in a basket.  They ate this on the drive home!

Nicely cleaned shells.

Aging cat likes to nap on top of the fridge.  Mei was fond of looking for his "shiny eyes" in the dark livingroom.
Below they are telling Auntie about their American Girl dolls.  She is a wonderful audience.

Mei demonstrating how fat she got since visiting them and all the good food!

Girls were privileged to pick out a handmade by Great Grandma Martens tea towel.  This is for their hope chests!  Very special indeed!

We were very spoiled for our short spontaneous visit.  Reminded us how short life is and how incredibly full ours is...full of good people and good memories.  Also how a change is as good as a rest sometimes.  

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Anonymous said...

Hi kids and niece and nephew,

Had no idea you'd hit such awful weather on the way home. You are practical folks and would no doubt have made do had there been worse problems, too, but next time we'll hide your keys and you'll have to stay an extra night.

Mum, you do a great blog. You even make clear that the cat is named after Hoagy Carmichael (, not the Philadelphia submarine sandwich (!

Had we named him after a sandwich, I think he would've been Po'Boy (

Your White Rock pix do the place a great compliment. Also, your pix have inspired us to make another trifle. If you want my recipe for kidneys and rice, lemmy know. Did I just hear someone say 'yuck'?

Enjoyed your visit. You're all welcome back any time.