Monday, March 28, 2011

A double digit birthday girl!

I have been neglectful in blogging about our middle child's milestone double digit birthday!  The big 10!  What a blessing she has been to us for 10 whole years!  Her name means friendship, companion and that she is!
 Here they are making cookies to decorate.  Little animal shapes for the tea party.
Ruth's fav animal is the giraffe, so they made a pin the tail on the giraffe.

 We started off in the evening with a pizza meal and her favourite Root Beer.

 Next morning was a dolly tea party

Using licorce as a straw of course...very dainty!

Daddy wakes up to smell the tea!  Friend is acting scared of weird man.

Younger sister is modelling the oreo crumb teeth look and a lady bug treat from the birthday party they just got home from!

Opening her gift from her friend.

Josephina got a new bonnet and blanket.

My big surprise that took forever to do as I was trying to be "sneaky".  Ever try to be sneaky when you are homeschooling your children?  I managed to sew her a dress.  It's a little bit big, but she's wearing it!
The dress!

Lots of dress up, lots of dancing, lots of giggling.

The older brother popped by, ate some cake and then got roped into "pin the tail on the giraffe"  

Gregg and I were wondering about this game...when the key on the string end up at you (like musical chairs), you have to remove one item on your person.  So they ended up with a bunch of clothes and misc. in the middle.  I had to tell myself that this was not strip poker and it was a kids game!  ha ha

We surprised her that night with a few Playmobil sets we had got for 1/2 price at a local shop, Fascination Street in 100 Mile House, BC.  

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Deb Schwindt said...

What a wonderful birthday party! Happy 10th birthday Ruth!!