Monday, March 21, 2011

"Living with less so your family has more"

If I were to write a book, recommend any book, this would be it.  I'll quote from a foreward of this book by Kevin Leman
"First, what vision do you have for your family? What do you want your family life to look like?  Second, what attitudes do you need to adopt to successfully live this out?  And third, what actions do you need to take as a fmaily to simplify your life?  Specifically, are there ways you could live on less money to allow you more time for what's really important?"


This book redefines what MORE in your life is.  Less stress, more family connection.  It is meant to be read with your spouse or have each other read it separately.  They don't give answers, they give suggestions.  They ask questions.  They made me think. 
 The short years we have with our children go by so quickly and do we want to spend most of it in a car, hustling from event to event just because everyone else is?  Or do we want to pick events that will really grow our children?  
Don't let society pressure you into anything that makes your heart ache for simplier times.  If you find yourself maxed out on patience and not happy with how your day's have been going.  STOP and think...what do you really want?  I am still reading this book and talking about it with my hubby at night. We have chosen to live with less money ourselves sometimes just to be available to our children.  It is difficult, we are sometimes misunderstood.  We don't care, we love our girls and keep thinking "boy, in 11 years we could have no children left at home!"


Niki said...

You guys and the choices you have made for your kids are our inspiration. Lol - my motto sometimes has become, "What would Greg and Jo do?" In that vein, we have decided that med school will take away what time Pete should have with his babies. Instead, I will work part-time and so will he. Family is most important - more than paychecks or new cars or fancy hairdoos :P I need to read this book :D

Jo said...

You are so sweet! Our children are our greatest treasures and only with us for such a short time. Sacrifices are not really sacrifices when they pay such good dividends. This book is worth buying/borrowing!