Friday, March 25, 2011

UPdate on little peeps..the eggs that is!

I "candled" all the 34 eggs in the round incubator last night.  They all have weird masses in them.  A few seem maybe just blobs, but others have vessels and spots, so I'm hoping they are developing.  Today is day 8.  I candled a regular egg to see the difference, so I'm praying they are going good.

We've started one more incubator on March 23rd with 40 eggs plus 7 little bantem eggs.  I will post some pictures when I can and edit this entry.  Maybe I'll even learn how to add a video when they start hatching!

I'm glad not all of you find this boring!  Just knowing that you are interested, I will keep updated.  I took some photos in the dark of me peaking inside, but they just look like a glowing egg!  haha.

Until later,

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Kimberly said...

Those would be some seriously cool photos!

And I think blogger has an upload video function that's fairly simple to use. I usually upload to YouTube and then use the embed code they provide. Let me know if you need any help!