Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair Cuts ~ Deluxe!

We were all in desperate need of a hair cut, and seeing as we are a few too many miles away from our family hairstylist, I took on the challenge.  Sorry no pics of Gregg's hair.
First up, the teenie booper!  The worst first right?  I so so so wanted her to look nice and like her new "no hassles" hair cut, so lots of pressure!                             BEFORE
We watched a video on how to cut hair at home (thanks to the bookmobile) and started in.  First, I made a ponytail with all the hair from the front to just behind the ears.

Next I trimmed the nape short.  Then split the back into 2 sections, like for piggy tails. Held them straight out the back and cut them, making lots of layers.  With her wavy hair, this takes off a lot of weight.
Then I just did some little cleanup and voila!

(I see a little of myself in this photo!)  She loves the new do!  YEAH!  I have won!  It is much lighter and she doesn't mind wearing a little clip to keep some away from her eyes.

Now for a little trim for the littlest one.  A few years ago we chopped all her beautiful locks off for cancer donation, so she's still dealing with some uneven spots.

Her hair is the most like mine, I just did a quick cut in the back middle for a guide and also the sides to hopefully be even enough.

Beautiful!  She wants to grow the bangs now, so I left them.
The middle child just needed a little trim to help with the ends.  She has thicker hair, so I had to separate it and just trim.

Finished trim

Come back again to see the next post of the final family member's hair cut!  Boy, I was saving money left and right by doing all this myself.  April means a new hair do for myself though.  Don't quite trust my 13 year old to do it!  haha.  Using up a gift certificate for foils and haircut...can't wait!


Kimberly said...

I haven't had my hair cut in nearly a year - I think it's time.

You're so inspiring with all the things you learn how to do on your own that the rest of us pay through the nose for!

And psst...I just noticed that you won a free book from LT's blog!


Anonymous said...

I love Kates haircut!! And yes I see you in that photo too...the eyes...good job. I would travel 13 hours to have you cut my hair!!!

Anonymous said...

I would travel 12 hours to have you cut my hair! Good job, and yes I see a little of you in Kates photo as well...it's the eyes...