Monday, March 07, 2011

The dreaded drive home...

We thought the weather may be getting worse, we left later than we should and it took us approx 12 hours to get home instead of 5.5 hours.  Roads were closed, detoured, then they closed them shortly after we got through.

Good thing Uncle packed a great lunch!  
Looking for the chains for the tires.
Chains on, we had to stop because a semi was jack-knifed on the road.  Couldn't get going again because it was so slippery.  So thankful for chains.  Later on we saw the police stopping people without chains or really good tires.  Too bad the one chain broke later and made lovely scratches along the wheel well.

Semi's pulling semi's up the hill.  Put put put

First place to stop, we did!  Bought some fries for our little fry guys and let them play on a huge play structure for awhile.  Then off for the home stretch.  Thought it had cleared up at Kamloops, but then it was snowing and visibly was horrid once again.  Very happy to be home, only to find a flat tire.  Gregg went to bed and got up early to fix it before going to work.  Not much rest, but we had fun!

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