Saturday, March 05, 2011

USA - Canada Border Crossing Experience

Thanks to the friendly local we met at Whiterock BC, Gregg thought we should go see the "Peace Arch" near the border.  So we followed a sign saying "Peace Arch Provincial Park".  Not much of a park that we saw, just some really run down properties beside the ocean area.
Then I had the horrid thought of "what is a duty free shop anyhow?" So we drove inside and realized TOO late that there are SPIKES (one way) that prevented us from exiting out of the parking lot back into CANADA.  We must drive on to USA.  OPPS.  We didn't have our passports, no ID for our three girls sitting in the back.
Thankfully, there was a sign saying "Return to Canada"...oh YES!  So 5 pm on a Friday we are waiting at the Canada border to return to Canada.  Yes, we got to stare at that silly Peace Arch for a good hour.

Not exactly the "park" feel we were looking for...

The Peace Arch

Welcome to the US...HA HA

Return to Canada!  YES!

A house on the US side of 0 Avenue, near the border crossing

Fun to get away, fun to have new experiences and fun to be back in Canada, not stuck at the crossing.

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Anonymous said...

We're just eating on some of the moose meat now, and is it GOO-OOD. Done in the slow cooker with wild mushabooms.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and that moose meat gets a truly supreme accolade: Hoagy, who won't touch commercial meat from domesticated animals, devours the little chunks of moose we treat him with. Licks his chops for a ling time afterwards, too.

We're almost through Kate's chickens' eggs, as well, and yummy nummy noobers they have been.

Thanks a treat.