Monday, March 21, 2011

More books! Yeah for reading!

One of my dearest Manitobian friends got me onto the Mitford series.  Well, I mean that I've been wanting to read them.  So I got the first book from the bookmobile.  I have started, but found my mind has been so busy that I was having difficulty remembering characters, so I stopped until I can read for a few hours uninterrupted.  I am loving the flavour of the book and feel like I want to live there!

The other book is a new one completely to me!  By Heidi Ashworth, I "won" the 2nd book about Miss Delacourt.  Well, that would NEVER do, so I borrowed the 1st book from a new friend in BC.  I am laughing my way through and can see this book as a great movie akin to Sense & Sensibility, Emma, etc.  It is a fun read!  UPdate:  I just finished Miss Delacourt and did giggle to myself and often thought "I hope they make this into a movie, or I will!"

These 2 authors "Beth Wiseman" and "Ann H. Gabhart" have MANY good books out, I have been reading too many to post on here.  I have a weakness for the Amish lifestyle and the purity of these books.  All have faith type stories and I personally love the pure love stories intertwined within them.  No smut!  Every book makes me appreciate my woman-ness and the manliness of my beloved.  They all inspire me to be a better person.  To love and accept.  To cherish moments...easy reads, little bit of mystery thrown in, little bit of Amish culture thrown in...

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Kimberly said...

So glad you're enjoying Miss Delacourt! =)

Anonymous said...

pI have read many books about the Amish as well. I believe Ann Gadhart also writes a couple books about the Shakers, which is a very interesting faith. Books are such a wonderful way to get lost in another world for a while. Enjoy.