Thursday, October 13, 2011

September Birthdays

Our September sees three birthdays.  Mine is no biggie, but I have two daughters that need celebrating!
 One celebrates almost every day with a horse ride.  This horse, Poncho, has turned into a real nice kids horse.  As a Momma, I usually think it should be a smaller horse, but when Kate rides the range, he is a good horse to be riding on.  He is a Liver Chestnut Quarter Horse.  What a name!  We think he looks more like chocolate!
Girls like to make up goodie bags for their friends

Mei's theme was "Animals"
 Her breakfast of choice was waffles (both round ones and Mickey Mouse ones) and "Skinny Pancakes" AKA Crepes or German Pancakes.  Apple juice, orange juice, berries, syrup and bacon rounded it off.
Little animals decorated the table and kept the girls company

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I will post another entry for the daughters birthday as we did a Mystery Dinner and it was great fun!

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