Monday, October 17, 2011

And the puppy's name is...


He's already been a good sport and put up with many wardrobe changes

Trying so hard to play with our dog

He's part "barber"?
He has grown already and is turning out to be a clever far he is obeying simple commands and seems to understand "no".  He is a pup, he is energetic and he will be a good cattle dog and protector on the yard.
Our dog is not so happy with him, but Mom's dog likes him.

Love how he sleeps

Coal likes to be right where Nana is and even helped her sweep up
The other night Mei and I were walking in the dark to lock up the chickens and the puppy kept tripping us ~ he's as black as midnight!  Ha ha.
Never a dull moment when there is a pup around ~ also gets us to keep an eye on our shoes!

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