Friday, October 14, 2011

My first hand stitched Log Cabin quilt

 When we lived in Manitoba there was a group of ladies that met in a restaurant occasionally to do some quilting.  Sometimes they talked about quilting, sometimes they quilted, sometimes they helped newbies like me figure out what to do!  They were doing a Log Cabin quilt.  I did this quilt for my 2nd born daughter.  She loved purple and helped pick out this material when she was quite young.  In trying to remember when I finished this, it was finished at the time of Grandma T's funeral. 2007?
 It was my first try at hand stitching.  I borrowed a small plastic frame and had it set up in our living room (made a great play fort while I stitched until my fingers were numb, bruised and calloused).  I used the cotton Warm 'n' Natural fill and somehow it was horrid to get the needle through.  Thinking back, it could have been the needles I was using too.  Everything is a lesson learned!
Finished product.  It would be considered a double,
as it just covers a queen bed.
 Here is a link to sewing a log cabin square by strips.  It is super fast and easy once you know what you are doing. Check YouTube for oh so many videos! Video
The squares are fun to make.  Sewn in strips, they are fast to make too!

The borders in purple were added to make it larger and
because she liked purple.
I just sewed the borders on simply and in strips again.  Maybe the next one I'll try mitering the corners so they look more polished.
Guess I did not too badly, though some corners aren't perfectly matched, it has stayed together!


Anonymous said...

Gloria and Missy say 'Well done!!' It looks great, my Mom said it makes her want to make a quilt!

Iris said...

The log cabin quilt is my favourite pattern...ever since grad trip to Amish Country, for some reason. My Mom made Mikail a modern log cabin crib quilt when he was born. Love it. Yours looks great!