Friday, October 07, 2011

Building a Chicken Fence

I am doing some catching up on my blog posts ~ this was back in June!

In our neck of the woods, we need to have a good chicken fence for a few reasons:
1. So that the chickens don't fly out
2. So that hungry foxes don't make off with a tasty lunch

While we were letting our chickens be "free range", we attracted some foxes and they took off with 14 chickens.  This is not good.  We want the chickens to be able to scratch and dust bathe in the dirt, eat bugs and get fresh air and sunshine to make them Super Happy Chickens.

So we enlarged our chicken coop!  All the wire was found at local Share Shed's through out the year...what a saving!

Used the snake fence as a line for our fence.

Didn't have a ladder handy...just a Mei...

Put some lighter weight wire and mesh on the top layer.

Work gloves and skirts 

We had to make a smaller pen inside the larger one for a temp. home for the oldie hens

Rolling out the wire on the bottom.
Buried into the dirt, then rocks piled up to prevent a fox from digging.
 The fox was staring at our chickens through the wire one we knew we had to prevent him from digging through.  Ideally, there would be mesh over the whole pen as well to prevent Eagles/hawks from scooping in.  It is very handy having some dogs around during the day!
Moved a shed over to be the butcher chickens pen

Everyone looks happy with the new arrangements!

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