Thursday, October 06, 2011

Marv's Classic Soda Shoppe

 What a treat this was ~ Marv's  Classic Soda Shoppe in Black Diamond Alberta!  Hubby's folks have gone here before and insisted on taking us ~ it is the only shoppe still serving
 Malted Milkshakes!  I think this is where hubby's folks bought a container of malt as well.

If you are blessed to be at the shoppe when the owner Marv
is ~ you may get him to sing you a tune or two!

Ruth had help from Josephina to make her order

Malted Chocolate Shake

Sweet 16 years married!

Cute folks! Married 40 years!

My old fashioned soda!  yummo!

Mustache wax!
Their eyes were as big as the sodas!

The look says it full!
Cherry Soda

Candy looks like hamburgers and hot dogs

I don't know what was going on here...just an Uncle and his nieces being weird?

Ruth has a bit of a thing about "Indians", so
here she is with her Latin American and Native American

Oh the jars and jars of candy!

Mei found some real cowboy 'candy' for Papa...

Great waitresses, hand stir your old fashioned sodas
 Found out this was her first few days of work, but she already knew how many scoops of candy would make 100 grams.  We bought some Australian Black Licorce for my Mom and also some "chicken bones" candy that tastes like coconut.  Couldn't resist of course.
Grape Soda...look at that ice cream hanging off!

Marv also likes to chat and is very interesting

The decor is wonderful.
 We only had sodas/milk shakes, but we've heard the burgers are also wonderful ~ they take pride in their food.  The servers are dressed in 50's clothes, music is old, and we want to go back!

A working juke box ~ we forgot to put our money in...opps!
Some licorce they sell
This place was busy and has regular customers, but most are tourists he says.  There was an elderly lady named "Ruth" that goes in every day...our Ruth thought that was fun...if she could go into that shoppe everyday!

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Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

What an amazing shoppe! There just aren't many places like that around anymore, are there?