Thursday, October 06, 2011

Revisiting some quilts I've made

I have been wondering if I had put some of the blankets I made onto my blog...and I don't see them.  Very weird.  So I am trying to go back in time and post some projects I have done.  You see, I use my blog a bit like a diary and I also look up "things" on it lots.

So, this here little project was inspired and made for my 1st cousin.  Our Oma always made a quilt for the great grandbabies, and that meant my brother's kids and mine own all got one from Oma.  Sadly, Oma went to Heaven before she had the opportunity to stitch together any quilts for the other great grandbabies that were to come.  At Oma's funeral I told the next oldest cousin that I would make her a blanket whenever she had children.  I tried to get old clothes or fabric from Oma for this, but her things had been given away or stored.  So after much thought and procrastination, this little pattern for Squiggly Worms fell into my lap.  My cousin had a boy, this would be good ~ worms!

Mom and I showing it to the neighbor who lent her pattern and frame.
Pining the top together.  Suzy Ducks were from my daughter's blanket.
 My cousin is sorta like me ~ she likes to reduce, re use and re cycle.  I didn't have to buy any new material for this quilt at all ~ it is pieces of this 'n' that and the pictures on it remind us of the family gatherings/memories.

Hubby insisted that I put a ruffle on the baby blanket!  It is fun to play with :)

Borrowed a frame from a neighbor, who also lent me the Country Woman
magazine with the pattern in it.

The black music note material came from an old dress and
I was wondering if it had come from my cousin at some point.
They are musical, so I thought it worked either way.

Sewing blocks as strips, then cutting them apart ~ makes
the project go a little faster.

Smiling little worm...Mom did the faces :)

Completed quilt in it's new home
Scottie dog flannel was used for the backing.
Warm'n'Natural Cotton fill for the inside.

 I was sitting here wondering "Did I tie this quilt or hand stitch it?"  I don't see any ties...maybe I did a stitch in the ditch hand stitch.  My how the memory fails at times!
He's adorable isn't he?!

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Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

You are so talented, Jo, I'm just amazed by you and all the things you do!