Thursday, October 27, 2011

Home Learners Library Outing

Our local library is a great resource for our home learners in the area.  It is a wonderful log building recently built and it has a resource room that we took full advantage of recently.  
The plan was to have an American/Canadian Thanksgiving lesson and do some crafts.  
We had one little problem of having so many children of different ages that we ended up doing a lot of crafts! The children had the opportunity to get to know some other home learners and also get to know some of the library staff.
Our hope is that we will use this room more for small gatherings for lessons that are more "fun" with a few more kids.  When you are a home learner, your siblings are wonderful, but it's amazing what you can learn from others as well!

Visiting with library staff

Starting with puzzles or coloring

Modeling a head dress

A first Nations American or Canadian
I told them to make silly faces

A turkey craft

Younger ones looking at the cool things in the room
It was wonderful seeing our small group come out to these activities and starting to connect.  I know my girls are enjoying meeting others and I'm always amazed at what they learn from other children and how inspired we get from other families.  

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