Friday, October 07, 2011

Papa's New Puppy Love

Puppy Love?  As a ranch cowboy, there is need for a good cattle dog.  This dog is also a companion and usually will remain fiercely loyal to it's cowboy/cowgirl.  My Dad's ranch dog was run over this summer and everyone thought "no more dogs".  A friend's dog had pups...and well...looky here what showed up today!
Introducing.... Pup No Name As Of Yet....

 Oh how we've missed those cute little puppy noises and that cute little puppy smell!

What's not to love?

 A good dog will not only help a cowboy move cattle to where they need to go.  They will warn, protect and keep him company all the live long day!  He's a little muddy, but nothing a good brushing and bath won't cure.  He is basically pure black. 
 He was a little hungry when he arrived and then we all wanted to see him chase a ball...

He does it quite well.  He is an Australian Shepherd/Heeler/Bordie Collie mix.  He should make a good cattle dog ~ especially with Papa training him.
I'm sure you'll be seeing more of him soon and I'll let you know what the popular vote is for his name ~ just waiting for the rest of the grandkids to show up to put their 2 cents in!

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