Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympic Torch Run

The Olympic torch was coming through a community nearby, so we decided to take in this monumental experience of a lifetime....Lone Butte style.

 Part of the cake they had there...too bad I had to see someone throw most of it in the garbage afterwards...I hate waste like that, but I'll not get onto that topic here!

Waiting, waiting and more waiting

These 3 dogs dressed in outfits made the wait a little easier.

Oh, don't blink...I think the torch just went by!  I was distracted by the adult only Coke bottles!

Our homeschool group's banner for our mini Olympics

Team Holland
excelled in the balloon races

Team France
excelled in egg races

Team Canada
excelled in the feather race

We were Team Japan, mainly because the flag was easy to make and they have some good figure skaters.

Lighting of the torch...let the games begin!

Silly games that is!

Our little group, awaiting the medal ceremonies

Mei Nita Thiessen
Gold, Sliver and Bronze Medalist for Japan

Ruth Angela Ellen Thiessen
Gold, Sliver and Bronze

Kate Marie Joy Thiessen
Gold, Sliver and Bronze medalist for the egg contest

She was stripped of her medal for milk doping...she was getting it back no matter what it took!
Lots of running around and red faced little kids...wonderful sleeps that night!

Some of our special deserts.  Ruth and Mei helped with this one.  5 continents joining together.

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