Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stepping out

Last summer we stepped out...in faith...that God would provide and God would bless the fruits of our labors.  We felt leading to purchase a 1907 character home in Oak Lake Mb together with my husband's parents.  Yes, they are just plain ole' Mom and Dad to me, but some may want some clarification!  ha ha
So from April to Sept my hubby toiled, mom and dad toiled and I toiled as I could.  Separated from my husband for months at a time was not easy, but God was gracious and we thrived in ways that only God could orchestrate!
One of the first pictures, after demolition had started.

A few of the inbetweens

My trip out in late May/early June turned into stripping the stairs type of fun...

Mom and I had lots of fun, for lots of days too!

Even I can learn to do exposed aggregate sidewalk...when Dad is teaching that is!

Wouldn't that be nice!  50 pieces on wide baseboard for 4.10!!!

God thought Dad needed to have his achilles tendon fixed during this time as well...

Lots of sanding, tweeking out orginal flooring

Beautiful gingerbread detailing...yum yum

The almost finished product!

upstairs bath

main floor living/dining

upstairs staircase leading to bedrooms, etc

One side of the kitchen

I can't tell, but this may have been the picture that Kate took of us all for the Brandon Sun article.  We were also featured "on air" on CKX TV in Brandon on Sept 6/09.  That was on a link from http://www.ebrandon.ca/

So thankful God took care of us, no injuries and now the house will be going on the market soon, officially!
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Now onto the next...

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