Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sometimes encouragement comes in a little green envelope!

Not only did I receive my Telus calendar (with all those cute animals in it :) but I received a little green envelope which read "cookie crumbs still taste like cookies".  I thought maybe I would find remains of a cookie inside ~ the envelope was fat enough ~ but it was a lovely long hand written letter from an "old friend" in Manitoba.  She was my blessing and God used her to bless me in a way that I haven't been for a long time.  Thank you dear friend!  Looking forward to a chat in March!

Do not think that 15 minutes spent on a letter to someone will go un noticed.  What a blessing to be remembered.  How blessed I was with her kind words to me.  How blessed I was to be included in her life happenings.  God used a very different source for me this week and Lord knows I have needed to
feel God's hand. 

When a little voice whispers to you
 a name
thoughts of something kind to do
think of where it came
your time to be a blessing
and to be blessed in kind

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