Saturday, January 16, 2010

On my bookshelf this month...

Remember I mentioned my sheer delight when I discovered a whole SHELF load of financial based books at our local library?  This is the 3rd book we are reading.  Now some people make New Years Resolutions come January 1st, but we often take a good hard look at our life direction and finances is a PART of that.

I would call this a main stream, not faith based book, but we believe God gives us wisdom and advice through many different sources.  Be in the world, but not OF the world right?

So, I've also been watching on line programs from a great TV program called It's A New Day...yes, the great funny people are related to us, and their program guests RELATE to everyone!
They had Franklin Santagate on the program for 4 days in January talking about God's will, VISION, plan and purpose for your life.  Franklin mentioned that God will speak to us in 10 ways...
5 ways from Heaven, 5 from earth
Heaven 1. audibly 2. angels 3. spirit to spirit 4. dreams 5. visions
Earth 1. His Word (Bible) 2. preaching 3. prophesy 4. people 5. circumstances

How very interesting that the book I am reading and some articles I came across all are pointing in the same direction!   They are all shouting out loud ~  What is your VISION?!  What is your family's vision?
 What is your purpose in this life?

The above book asked me to write down my TOP 5 "values" in life, not goals, values...such as Security, Freedom, Marriage, Family, Charity, etc.  Then I was asked to break each of my 5 values down into goals that I can obtain hopefully by the time I die...right?  He thinks that if your main values are family, marriage, freedom to travel and charity work, etc, then why on earth are you working 60 hours a week and not having time with any of your values?  He says people often change their life when they realize what their actions are really doing to themselves and that their values are not being fullfilled.  He sees this as the main cause of "mid life crises" because someone works so hard for a nice house, car, career position only to wake up one morning and realize their kids are all moved away and don't call.  That person may have always wanted to feed their marriage and family more than anything else in the world, but the world distracted and all their "things" don't make them happy.  This is all common sense isn't it? 

What did you dream about doing or being as a child?  What made your heart jump with delight or anticipation?  Do you still get that feeling now?  Or is life boring and you feel unfulfilled?

Well, on on the air programs, Franklin Santagate talks about how God wants to give us a hope and a future Jer. 29:11 and it IS GOOD!  I need a vision/dream for my life and my family.  Then I need to set goals to work toward that.  Same advice as the other book, but with the Godly base.

What is a vision?  Vision is always greater than ourselves.  It is always beneficial to others.  It cannot be accomplished on our own power.  For a vision, you will be willing to die for it.  You will feel that burning inside of you that YES, this is what you were meant to do/be!  If you meet someone with a vision, you will know it because you may not be able to shut them up about it!  ha ha. You may not even see the whole fulfullment of your vision, like Abraham's decendents as the stars in the sky...Abraham saw one son!

What is purpose?
1. Gifts/talents that God set in you from the beginning.  Some people can sing like a bird, some people can fix anything with little effort, some people can decorate a house beautifully, some people tell stories to capivate anyone...etc.

2. Passion ~  what you have always wanted to do.  Maybe paint, etc.  This passion may not actually turn into your "bread maker", but may always be used as a hobby or something to bless with on the side.

3. People ~ Serving/blessing others

4. Place ~ Where and to whom you want to release your passion and talents to will equal happiness daily.

Think about your life ~ what you have been involved in and how would rate your satisfaction at that time?  When have been the most happy?  Doesn't mean you weren't tired, etc, but were you satisfied?  Do you believe God has a plan for you? Ask God to show you and give you passion.  The passion or dream will often change your direction and God is faithful to keep guiding you and changing your direction as you are willing to be used.  You may start off in one direction and will take you and sway you as he sees your obedience.

I am rambling on because I do have a passion to find my passion!  ha ha!  I/we are asking God to show us and guide us into His plan as well...not expecting the road to be easy.  If you are curious, please look up the on line programs from Its A New Day and let God's word sink in and inspire you as well.  Satan seeks to distract us, God seeks to use us!

Be blessed, and be a blessing.  Have a great day!

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11 jewels said...


What a passionate blog entry! You have encouraged me and inspired me to look at those questions in my life! As I was reading your questions, I already knew some of the answers for my personal life, but often I lose focus!!
I will check out some of the links you mention!

Not many people want to look hard at their life BUT I really think life is more abundantly lived if done purposefully!

Have a blessed day,