Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cheap Family Fun ... so cheap, it's FREE!

We truly are blessed.  We are renting a little cabin/house on a ranch site within walking distance to a lake.  We meander through the pines, past an old "dump" site, over 3 fallen trees, right up to a creek.  So we roll down the creek bank or slide if we want.  Then we decided to shovel off the creek and try skating on it.  It was a little bumpy in a few spots, so we kept going...right out onto the frozen lake.  My hubby shovelled off a rectangle skating area.  I decided that paths were much more fun...and work is my type of fun!
All this for FREE, all this RIGHT HERE!  We are truly rich beyond measure!

Fresh white CLEAN snow is soooo yummy!

Getting up is difficult

TA DA!!!!

Planning the next move

Trying out some of the new pathways

Nana's dog just ran up at the right time to be included in the family photo!

Giddy up horsey!

This mama lynx and her cub were hiding so well, we walked right by them down the creek.  The night shot doesn't do it justice.  They hide cattails as meat for their baby lynx's and such.

Back home down the creek

After days like these I think how rich I am.  Not bank account rich.  Rich in all that really matters.  To have our own creek/lake within walking distance and beautiful weather to enjoy activities outside.  I have never wanted one of those fancy pants houses with granite and all the trimmings.  I like the little 2 storey cozy homes with character/charm that tell stories of the people who live there.  I like this life no matter how crazy it is or may seem.  This moment is perfect ~ my children are happy, healthy and learning new things everyday!

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