Thursday, January 21, 2010

Belated Christmas entry

Yes, I realize it is January 2010 and I haven't said anything about Christmas 2009 ~ guess there have been reasons.  We had a very blessed Christmas season.  I tried to pay closer attention to some details and we were faithful with our advent calendars, etc and did lots of baking and making trays to take to our neighbours, etc.  We even got some cards out to friends, although I ran out of family photos and stopped then.  My sister was the big lover of Christmas and would decorate and be giddy all the season long.  We used to sleep by the tree at night and even did that when we were 17 and 19 years old!  (Our last christmas together)
Our girls participated in a concert for the community dinner (see post below) and we had a good time giving back and sharing the meaning of the season with others.
I was also invited to a cookie exchange with some local ladies, which was so nice!   My two youngest girls came along and enjoyed a fancy luncheon!
Ruth serving bonbons and nuts

Beth had the cutest old antique chair that the girls loved!

The ladies who I am getting to know.  Beside me on the left is Carmen, who owns the "ciderella house" on little Pressy Lake where we go swimming from her dock.  A couple others volunteer at SMAC as well, and one does weaving and one has a little golf course!

We waited for Gregg to come home and then went outside our fence in search of a good
 'charlie brown' tree

Now after some fun family foot races to the road, we stopped to check our mail!

The corner by our place, heading to our mailboxes


Ruth with our 1st year married love birds ornament.
We all have special ornaments for the year we were married and when the girls were born, but poor Mei, guess we didn't spend any money that year!  So I look every year for a 2003 ornament in 2nd hand just never know!

Finished trimming the tree, Kate is wearing a shirt "save our forest" and laughing about it.

Christmas Eve meal together...waffles with blueberries, whipcream, peanut butter and chocolate syrup, apricot syrup, or regular maple syrup!

Yes, it is Mickey Mouse, but that is the only waffle iron I from my Zellers points!

After our family starlit walk..."I am so sweaty Mom!"

The girls have a saying with their Papa "the rosey cheeks of the old seniors"...she sure has rosey cheeks!
Now for the Bible reading and opening presents!

We gave each girl a little Ty teddy...Ruth's was a giraffee for her herd of them, Mei got a puppy and Kate a horse to add to her herd.

We forgot to give Mei her birthday gift in September, so she got a new Dr's kit. (she sold her old one when we moved and really missed it)  Here Daddy is showing her the proper way to use her instruments...with tickles to make your patient relax Mei!

Opening little snowman globes that shine pretty colors from Grandpa & Grandma T.
I realized later that I took lots of video, less pictures.  We gave the older girls each a new Bible in the NIrV which they really like.  I had also traded some Mary Kay makeup for little trinkets, etc for the girls and that was their Christmas.  They were very happy and we didn't want them to be expecting lots of material goods at their age.  Funny how even in the woods, there will always be those Jones' to keep up with.

The next morning, bright and early we stole over to Nana and Papa's to open a few gifts and bug them.  Nana told Papa to light a pretty fire in the 2nd fireplace...opps...where did everyone go?  ha ha

Watching papa open a new cowboy calendar and his "rodeo rama" board game.  The girls are wearing their new PJ's from them as well.  They each got something 'precious' from Nana's supply of tea cups, etc for their cabins as well.
And a good morning should be followed by ...

making perogies!  Cottage cheese for Gregg, potatoe and cheddar for us and blueberry just for fun!
We had already made the cabbage rolls earlier!

My darling always shows appreciation for a good meal by cleaning up...aint' he sweet?

My brother's family came Boxing Day for a few fun filled and action packed days...8 children ages 6-16...Nana and Papa count their blessings!

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